• Standing Out From the Crowd
    Standing Out From the Crowd
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    Hospitality is highly competitive. Whilst price is always a factor, you achieve lasting success by offering better value to customers than your competitors. To compete on price alone is self-destructive. Nobody wins doing that, including the customer. Why? Because it’s simply impossible to consistently offer the same quality of experience over the long term for a lower price….

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  • Enhancing the Customer Experience
    Enhancing the Customer Experience
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    There is no issue more challenging for hospitality and tourism operators than seeking to achieve consistency and quality across all elements of the customer experience. Despite the challenges associated with this area, and those challenges are indeed significant, it can’t be ignored because unless there is a ‘right’ way of doing things, all the important…

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  • Captivating Customers Through Effective Complaint Handling
    Captivating Customers Through Effective Complaint Handling
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    Customer: “I’d like to make a complaint.” Employee: “Oh, sorry, I’ll just get the manager for you…” Anyone who has ever made a complaint will be familiar with that response, and it’s actually very common across hospitality and tourism enterprises. Despite all the training and talk of service orientation, it’s amazing how badly complaints are…

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  • Managing On-the-Job Training
    Managing On-the-Job Training
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    The costs of poorly trained and under-skilled employees are obvious, and although perhaps hard to calculate specifically, these costs manifest themselves in lost customers, higher wastage, lower productivity and inefficient use of management time as they correct problems caused due to lack of training. Every hospitality and tourism manager already knows these facts and you…

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  • Quality Management, Simplified
    Quality Management, Simplified
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    There is no pretence that quality management in hospitality and tourism will ever be easy, but on occasion it can be over-complicated to the point where quality systems are introduced that ultimately leave everybody drowning in paper. It’s not unusual to find some enterprises where there are Standards Manuals and Checklists aplenty which only get…

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  • Gaining from Training
    Gaining from Training
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    Business Owner: “Half of my training budget is probably wasted.” Consultant: “Oh, really?” Business Owner: “The trouble is, I’m not actually sure which half…” Yes, the old jokes are indeed the best. But hilarity aside, the effectiveness of training is no laughing matter, especially in hospitality and tourism where employee competence directly influences the quality…

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  • The Dobiquity Mystery Shopper App
    The Dobiquity Mystery Shopper App
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    How many times have you visited your local restaurant or pub, ordered your favourite dish or drink and found slight (or possibly significant) differences in what was served over previous occasions? Erratic or inconsistent product and service quality is a factor in many hospitality and tourism enterprises and when the variances are minor, it’s perhaps…

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  • 5 Steps to Better Retain your Staff
    5 Steps to Better Retain your Staff
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    Here’s a thought: when thinking about customer retention, you likely consider your ‘value proposition’ – what you are offering that meets and exceeds your customers’ expectations, both collectively and by individual segments. No doubt you are constantly exploring how you can strengthen that proposition. Isn’t it funny, though, that when it comes to staff retention, somehow the…

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